"In order to fully understand and respect each other we must first learn about each other."

— Paul Stephenson (Bristolian Civil Rights Activist)

What is the One Bristol Curriculum?

The One Bristol Curriculum is a collection of teaching content that is truly representative of our community and history. This is made available for schools in Bristol and beyond to incorporate into their curriculum, adding depth and range to show the contributions of Black, African, Caribbean and Asian heritage groups and individuals in all subject areas.  With lesson plans and activities that cover a wide range of topics, we serve all ages, stages and subject areas. The One Bristol Curriculum improves teaching practices and enhances education for children from all backgrounds. 

Alongside teaching materials, we equip schools and educators with knowledge and tools to develop and embrace a lasting commitment to diversity.

The One Bristol Curriculum provides innovative curriculum and extracurricular content, useful resources, and links to CPD and community partners. We create a roadmap for teachers to develop best practices and nurture diverse education environments that are high-quality and compelling.

To centre the marginalised voices, cultures and ideas that are at the heart of Bristol’s vibrant community, the One Bristol Curriculum is designed to be integrated into schools’ main teaching practice. By ensuring the One Bristol Curriculum is embedded as part of school curriculums and not an “add-on” we prevent othering, increase engagement, and promote understanding and mutual respect in classrooms. 



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Our Aim?

Our aim is to rethink our current education provision and show ways this can be re-interpreted within the current framework to benefit our school communities.  As educators, let’s work together to support all pupils to thrive in inclusive environments and become Global Citizens of tomorrow. 

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